TICKET 2000 Frequent Questions

Contact HEXCOM Support and we can either install remotely on to your PC for you or provide a download link for the installer.
If the progress is near 99% when it fails, just create a shortcut to c:\program files(x86)\ticket\ticket.exe and run directly from there. Make sure a version of TICKET isn't already running. Try restarting your PC and try again. If that still fails, HEXCOM Support can provide a version of TICKET that does not need installation and all files are in one folder and can be run directly from that folder.
TICKET.EXE hasn't been registered correctly on your PC. To fix, you need to remove the value RunOnce from the TICKET registry key. Run REGEDIT and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ HEXCOM SOFTWARE \HEXCOM TICKET\ SETTINGS Delete RunOnce key Then Run TICKET.EXE as "Administrator" or login as an administrator user on the machine and run TICKET.EXE
The settings file is corrupted. Find "ticket config.dat" in the TICKET application folder and delete it or replace with an older backup copy, and try again. You will need to setup your printer models again, but all media sizes will come back in the list as you open your labels.
The DPI setting in the driver may be wrong. If its set at 200dpi change to 300dpi. Or the reverse if the image is too large. Go into TICKET 2000 - System menu - Options then select the Printers tab. Select your label printer and click Properties.
The OCR font may be missing from your computer. The font is available in the support downloads page. Contact support for a copy.